True Love

True Love

Some say true love is just a fairy tale,

Some say it’s make believe,

They say don’t have too much high expectations,

They say most men will cheat.

But she has found a man like no other

And he  has been true to her.

She has watched girls try to hit on him

And she has watched him turn away,

She heard them whisper,

“Oh she has tied him so he cannot stray,”

And she smiled when she heard him say,

“I’m glad to be tied to her.

She has tied me with her beauty,

She has tied me with her love,

She has tied me with her integrity and honesty,

And she has all my love.”

It doesn’t happen often and she thanks

the Lord above,

That she has found someone who is

worthy of her love.

I Miss You

I Miss You

I count every minute of every single day
Time seems to have stood still since you went away,
I miss your smile, I miss your laughter,
I miss your gentle touch,
I miss making love with you,
Honey I miss you oh so much.
We talk on the phone but it’s not the same,
At night in my dreams I whisper your name,
I can’t wait till you are back home,
Here safe in my arms,
Until then I pray that God will protect you,
And keep you from all harm.

(C)Marva Seaton 2013