Thought For Today

Thought For Today

In life there is something call ‘free will’ it is the freedom which allows us to make choices.  To or not to do something is a choice that we make voluntarily without it being forced upon us.  You can choose to do something or you can choose not to do it, ultimately the choice is yours to make.  Never do something and then turn around and complain about doing it because it was your choice, you could have chosen not to do it!

This Thing Call Love

This Thing Call Love

There are some things in life,
That you have to do alone,
There are no books to help or guide you,
You have to do it on your own,
And there are no easy answers,
To the questions in your mind,
The confusion of emotions,
Which makes everything hard to define.

You try so hard to understand it,
But nothing makes much sense,
And no matter how smart you are,
You can’t prevent it happening.
I guess it’s how you deal with it,
Wherein the answer lies,
You have to take control of your emotions,
Sometimes you have to smother what you feel in order to get by,
And despite the fact that no doctor can help you,
And no medication can,
Sometimes in life you have to fight this thing called love.