God’s Love Comes With ‘NO CHARGE’!

God’s Love Comes With ‘NO CHARGE’!

Our airways these days are flooded with people who all proclaim to be preaching or teaching the words of God.   Many of these persons are truly genuine and the messages they deliver are filled with hope and inspiration.  They try to teach people to live according to God’s will.

There are others whose motives are questionable and it is not difficult to see who these people are.  Most of them start their broadcast by telling you to plant a seed faith then they go on to tell you how much money you should send and sometimes these sum seems quite exorbitant!

“Plant a seed faith of two hundred dollars and expect a miracle,  something wonderful will happen in your life!   Plant a recovery seed faith of two hundred and seventy three dollars and you will receive an instant miracle,  great changes will happen in your life.  Plant a seed faith of two hundred, five hundred or a thousand dollars whatever you can afford!   Apparently no thought is given to the person who can only afford five or ten dollars!

These false prophets will tell you that God tell them to ask for this seed faith, they will try and tell you to obey God’s will without question and most of their broadcast will focus on them telling you to send them money instead of bringing you much message on the word of God.  By their fruits you shall know them.  They will say “I know many of you are going through financial problems right now”  and in the next breath say “Put it on your bank card”

These people are not of God they don’t care about you all they want is your money and they are using the name of God in order to get it.   God’s Love comes with no charge.  Miracles come through faith and for that there is no charge.  When you pray to God and ask anything of him in faith and believing, he will answer your prayer and there is no charge!  You do not have to pay anyone to pray to God for you to receive a miracle in your life.  You can pray to him and ask him yourself and there is no charge.

Do not be fooled by people who uses promises of miracles to get your money or make you put yourself in debt to send it to them because they are not of God.  In fact they have no faith themselves because if they did they would know that God will supply all their needs.  If they were there to spread they gospel of God he would supply their finances to do so, there would be no need for them to be preying on vulnerable who are so desperate for hope that they would be willing to pay money to receive a miracle!

Jesus warned about these false prophets who would appear in the last days so do not be deceived.  Miracles cannot be bought and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar and not of God!

Do You Feel There is No Hope

Do You Feel There is No Hope



Do You Feel There is No Hope


By Unknown


In your times of deep despair,
Do you feel there is no hope?
As the darkness closes in on you,
Do you feel you cannot cope?

As you struggle on through every trial,
Do you say “When will it end”?
As you cry yourself to sleep at night,
Do you wish you had a friend?

When your body’s racked with aches and pains,
Do you feel you are alone?
When you think about the future,
Do you fear the great unknown?

There is someone who really cares,
And He hears your every cry.
His arms are reaching out to you,
And on Him you can rely.


When things close in around you,
He sees your fear and doubt –
He wants to hold you in His arms,
And He will never cast you out.

As you stumble through the darkness,
He will be your guiding light.
He wants to wipe away your tears,
For you are precious in His sight.

Reach out right now to Jesus,
And let Him take complete control –
He’ll take that heavy burden,
And He’ll touch and make you whole.

He’s reaching out His arms to you,
And He wants to be your friend.
Let Him take you in His loving arms,
For His love will never end.

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Chasing a shadow,
Chasing dreams,
Chasing an illusion,
Of what could have been,
It is so much easier to stay,
In touch with reality,

Shooting stars,
Cannot be chased,
But revolve around the moon,
In never ending space,

As free as the breeze,
Is a mind at ease,
Nothing can disturb the peace,
And an outstretched arm,
Of friendship,
Can make a difference in a world,
Torn with strife, violence and grief.

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I Can go on

I Can go on

I can go on,  
In spite of shattered dreams,
And broken promises,
I can go on,

I can go on,
When all seems lost,
And sorrow seems to,
Fragment my heart,
I can go on.

I can go on,
When pain seems to be
My best friend,
And joy threatens to subside,
I can go on.

I can forget,
The hurt of yesterday,
And embrace tomorrow,
Knowing that,
If I have love in my heart,
No matter what,
May come my way,
I can and will go on.

Think Before you Close the Door

Think Before you Close the Door

Ι watched him walk through the door,
Without a backward glance,
My heart was breaking but my pride,
Would not allow me to beg him not to go.
The resounding slam of the door,
Was like a knife being thrust,
Deep into my heart,
Salty tears stung my eyes,
But I refused to cry.

He walked away and I was suddenly engulfed,
In a pool of emptiness,
The silence was deafening,
I could hear myself thinking,
Asking questions that might,
Forever remain unanswered.

Why did he leave me for another?
I gave him all my youth,
He basked in my beauty and warmth,
Told me love stories of how,
We would never be apart,
I was the love of his life he said,
No other could compare,
He said we would grow old together,
So why am I now the only one here?

He met her three months ago,
A sweet pretty girl, just twenty years old,
The same age as our daughter,
He could be her father!
Was it a case of midlife crisis,
Or just plain selfishness?
Twenty-five years devoted to this man,
And he threw it down the drain.

The months have passed by slowly,
My heart is healing,
It doesn’t hurt so much anymore,
He called me yesterday,
She left him, not at all surprised,
You know what he asked me?
If he could come back home!
What home I wondered?
I can still hear the resounding,
Slamming of the door,
It still echoed in my ears,
Reminding me that he had closed,
The chapter in the life we once shared.

I didn’t have to think about it,
Much as I love him,
My answer was no.
I said it loud,
I screamed it in his ears,
So there was no mistake about it,
He could clearly understand,
That was the last word,
He would hear from me,
It was the final goodbye.

Life goes on!

He Left Her For You

He Left Her For You

Wedding bells are ringing,
you are smiling, she is crying,
Five children, the baby just,
three months old,
How could you marry him,
knowing he was leaving her for you?
Yes I know he asked you to marry him,
but you could have said no,
You could have looked at the four children,
and the baby and tell him not to be heartless,
She stood outside the church crying,
her three-month old baby in her arms,
You walked past her smiling,
You were dressed in white,
but your heart was dark,
Don’t you not know that you reap,
what you sow?
Someday she will be the one smiling,
and you will be the one crying,
when he leaves you for another.
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Love don’t live here anymore,
It left a long time ago,
And all I had was shattered dreams,
And thoughts of what could have been,
You walked away without a backward glance,
I cried my tears, now my eyes are dry,
I am back on my feet,
I am getting ready to fly,
There is a knock on the door,
I wonder who it could be,
I looked and thought perhaps,
My eyes were fooling me,
But you were standing there,
With an apologetic smile,
Saying you were sorry you left,
Could I give you another chance,
There was a spring in my steps,
There was charm in my smile,
I said “honey when you left I changed the,
Locks on the door”
I said “Go find someone else,
Cause you’re not welcome here anymore!”

An Attitude of Love { Clay Harrison }

An Attitude of Love { Clay Harrison }

Life presents us with challenges
That we must overcome,
And sometimes all the detours
Can leave the senses numb.
Life is filled with stumbling blocks
We pass along the way,
But it can become a stepping stone
When love comes into play.

Wherever there’s an obstacle
That we must rise above,
It helps to overcome it with
An attitude of love.
For anger never solves a thing
And stress will bring us down,
But hope unlocks the doorway
Where hope and faith are found.

So many things divide us
Throughout the human race,
But love’s the great uniter,
The smile on mankind’s face!
Life presents us with challenges
That we must rise above,
And blessed is he who can maintain
An attitude of love.