I Shall Rise Again

I Shall Rise Again

Free Eagle

I think of all the promises you made me
I remember all the lies you told,
My hopes and dreams and aspirations,
almost went crashing through the door,
The heartache and the pain,
was shattering to say the least,
Even though I saw the signs,
I was unprepared for it.

I was just a pawn in the game that you played,
Just a thing that you toyed with,
The one you took for granted.
I gave you my heart and you tore it apart,
and gave me nothing in return,
You said that you loved me,
But it was all a lie.

You tried to break me down,
But I refuse to stay down,
I had to break free from the chain of love
That was wrapped around my heart,
The betrayal was like a knife
being plunged into my heart.
The pain was hard to deal with,
But each day I am growing stronger,
I have left the past behind,
One day I’ll soar like an eagle,
I’ll spread my wings and fly.


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