Live Life

Live Life

What do you do when your plans go asunder?
What do you do when they all come to naught?
you pick up the pieces, you brush off the dust,
You stop for a moment and cry if you must,
You smile through the tear drops and try to be brave,
Then you move on forward to battle the next wave.

Life is sometimes a battlefield where,
Only the toughest survive.
Life comes with problems we all must try to overcome,
Don’t dwell too much on the problems,
Lest you forget how to have fun.

Everyday presents an opportunity for you to begin
To write a new chapter in your book of life,
Cherish every moment, take the bitter with the sweet,
Let your book be bright and colorful,
Take the time to make it great.
When you grow old cherish those moments,
And remember that when your chapter
In this book of life is over,
For someone else it just begins.


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