It is funny how dreams can vanish,
right before our eyes,
We create this perfect picture,
of how life is supposed to be,
But it is all in our child’s mind,
For we grow up and discover,
What we had envisioned was just a fairy tale,
And that in life there are a few yes’s and a lot of maybe’s.

Maybe I’ll finish high school,
At the top of my class,
Maybe I’ll graduate college with honors,
Maybe I’ll get that job I so badly want,
Maybe I’ll find that perfect someone,
Maybe some day we will get married,
Maybe someday I’ll get my dream house,
Maybe, Maybe.

Nothing in life is certain,
no matter how carefully you plan,
And it doesn’t take much,
To upset your plans,
And shatter your dreams,
And turn your yes’s into maybe’s.


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