Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

My post for today is a re-post of the poem believe in yourself.




Believe in yourself,
And what you can be,
And not what others,
Think that you are,
Believe in your dreams,
And what you can achieve,
If you work towards your goal,
Believe in tomorrow,
And the hope that it brings,
With the dawn of each new day,
Believe in love,
And the one that you love,
The person you know him to be,
But the most important of all of these,
Is that you believe in you.

I thought I would re-post this poem after reading an article a few days ago where a twenty-three year old nurse from Guyana committed suicide by drinking poison after having some love issues with her partner.  I couldn’t help think, what a waste of a young life!   The message to all of this is, put no one above you.  Love yourself!  Reach for the stars and maybe you can’t touch them but at least take the time to see all the things that are positive around you.  Life is precious don’t let it go to waste!


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