‘Twas His Great Love {Hazel Yoho}

‘Twas His Great Love {Hazel Yoho}

I walked along the ocean shore –
The waves were lapping high.
I felt the sand about my feet
And seagulls soared the sky.
I gazed across the mighty waters
As far as eye could see,
Then I was made to wonder
Why God gave this to me.
Then I traveled to the mountains
Where eagles made their nests.
There, again, I saw the hand of God –
I saw creation at its best.

So I looked into the heavens now
Where sun and moon doth shine.
I felt a sense of awesomeness
Knowing all this was mine.
For I could not escape His magnitude
No matter where I’d go.
I felt His constant presence
And He wanted me to know
That all of this was given me
Because of His great love,
And these and other blessings
Are sent from the lord above.


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