Life is a paradox
A mystery still unexplained,
With the passage of time,
A kaleidoscope of events,
That takes you up one day,
Then dash you down the next,
A journey embarked on expecting
the unexpected,
Never knowing exactly,
How one’s day will end.

With the passage of time,
We learn to be strong,
Smile when you feel like crying,
Make shop talk when all you really
seek is peace and quiet,
For there is so much,
To be welcomed in silence.

We change, people change,
And the world sometimes seems,
Like a strange place,
A place where there is no thought,
Of caring, or sharing, or loving.
Each man is caught up in a cycle,
Of events called survival,
And each man seeks after his own,
Some consumed with a burning,
desire for wealth,
To rise to the top of the ladder,
Pursuing a plan of scheming, conniving,
And knocking down anyone,
Who gets in the way,
With the ultimate goal being
One’s self gratification.

There is no thought or care for,
The people we trod on or hurt,
In our tireless pursuit,
And when we have achieved our goal,
When we are finally at the top of the ladder,
Looking down our noses,
At those we have passed on our way up,
What of happiness?
Is there happiness to be experienced,
When we find ourselves alone,
On our mountain of wealth?
Shouldn’t happiness be the ultimate goal?


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