Hope {Beverly J Anderson}

Hope {Beverly J Anderson}

Hope is the anchor we cling to
When we’re tempest-tossed on life’s sea.
Hope gives us courage to hang on
No matter how bad things be.

Hope is a candle that’s shining
When we’ve lost our course in the night.
Steadfast its light as it guides us
Back to the path we know is right.

Hope brings new strength for life’s journey,
Endurance for running the race.
When we are tired hope helps us
To keep a brave smile on our face.

Hope sees a brighter tomorrow,
And helps set our gaze towards the sky,
Knowing behind every dark cloud
A rainbow appears by and by.

Hope tells us to keep dreaming,
Although our dream, seems far away.
Hope plants a song in our being –
A joyous song to greet each day.

Hope is a priceless possession,
A gift that forever lives on.
Deep in our heart shines its promise…
“Child, after the night comes the dawn!”


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