God’s Love [By Charles Clevenger ]

God’s Love [By Charles Clevenger ]

‘Do unto others,’ says the Golden Rule,
‘As you’d have them do unto you.’
It’s a simple rule to live by,
Day by day – the whole year through.

We all are God’s precious children,
No matter the creed, color or race.
Let our lives reflect God’s abiding love
So others will know His grace.

Don’t hide your light ‘neath a bushel,
Let it shine – for all to see.
The world is to be our parish
To extend love to humanity.

Have I done my best, I muse.
Shown clarity towards my fellowmen;
Have I used my God-given talents
To show God’s love where I can?

Don’t hide your light in the shadows,
Nor allow it to grow faint or dim.
Let it shine with all its glory –
To proclaim your love for Him.

The Best You Can Be {By Clay Harrison}

The Best You Can Be {By Clay Harrison}

We can strive for perfection

But we’re destined to fail,

It’s an impossible dream

in search of a grail,

But we must have a dream,

Be the best we can be,

For character is measured

By our efforts, you see,

You cannot cross an ocean

Until you set sail,

And you can’t win a race,

If  you think you will fail.

We won’t win every race,

That’s easy to see,

But you’re a winner by being

The best you can be.


Proverbs 23 V 29-35

Proverbs 23 V 29-35

Who has anguish?  Who has sorrow?  Who is always complaining?  Who has unnecessary bruises?  Who has bloodshot eyes?  It is the one who spends long hours in the tavern, trying out new drinks?  Don’t gaze at the wine, see how red it is, how it sparkle in the cup, how smoothly it goes down.  For in the end it bites like a poisonous snake; it stings like a viper.  You will see hallucinations, and you will say crazy things.  You will stagger like a sailor tossed at sea clinging to a swaying mast.  And you will say “They hit me, but I didn’t feel it.  I didn’t even know when they beat me up.  When will I wake up so I can go for another drink?

Lord Give Me Faith {By Phyllis C. Michael}

Lord Give Me Faith {By Phyllis C. Michael}

Help me walk with patience, Lord;
Help me watch and pray;
I know that You have heard my cry,
The sun will shine some day.

Help me seek your will, dear Lord,
O, keep me brave and true;
I know not what is best for me.
Send faith to see me through.

Help me walk each step with hope
Though I can’t see the light;
Lord, take my hand and lead the way;
Oh, guide me day and night!

Hour by hour; Lord give me faith,
Faith that never asks why;
Whatever is, Lord, help me say,
‘Safe in Your care I am.’

Lifetime Friends {By Jill Lemming}

Lifetime Friends {By Jill Lemming}

Special moments spent with you
Have meant so much to me.
We’ve laughed and cried together….
We’ve grown tremendously.

We’ve talked about our childhood
And discovered hidden truths.
We’ve solved some things between us,
Maturing past our youth.

I wouldn’t trade these moments
Or erase them, if I could,
For every step we’ve taken
Has been for our own good.

We understand each other
And accept what lies within.
God’s strength outweighs our weakness;
His grace has made us friends.

Tears are Not Intended {By Don Beckman}

Tears are Not Intended {By Don Beckman}

One morning not so long ago
When nothing turned out right,
A little bird paused on the sill
To rest from it’s long flight.
‘Oh little bird,’ I said, ‘I’m sad;
Although we’re deep in Spring,
The bluebells planted at my door
just simply will not ring.’
And then I knew how senseless
It was to fume and fret;
That I didn’t count my blessings
Was a cause for real regret.
For with the beauty all about,
Despite what day might bring,
I knew the birdlet’s song was true;
‘Why cry when you can sing?’

Where is The Love and Equality

Where is The Love and Equality

We see it all around us, everywhere we turn there are signs of violence and abuse.  It is in our homes, in the streets, in our schools, it is even in the churches.  Often times it is the person who has earned our trust who turns out to be the abuser.  Many of these people hide behind their titles and professions to prey on the innocent’

It is ironic, everyone enters this world a baby, seemingly innocent, in need of nurturing.  What make some grow up to be such monsters while others are not?  Was it something in their genes, lying there dormant waiting for the right moment to burst forth?  Or is it something learned from society,  from the environment in which these people grow up?

Many will quickly point out that kids that come from the ghetto are more likely to commit crime.  They try to convince you that crime is directly linked to poverty.  So the kids from the ghetto are constantly watched, nothing they do go unnoticed and they are always in the news.  The man in the jacket and tie who preys on the little girls and the little boys goes unnoticed, no one is watching him.  No one expects him to commit such a crime!

Society expect a course of action from one group of people and a different set of actions from another.  They refuse to accept the fact that there is good and bad in every single group in society.  It is all about people making choices.  People have a choice of doing what is right and what is wrong, some choose to do good while others choose to do bad things.  The person from the ghetto can choose to be a pedophile, the person from up town in jacket and tie can choose to be a pedophile.  Who is likely to be caught first?  My guess is that it is going to be the one from the ghetto, after all he is the one who is expected to commit crimes.  The point I am trying to make is people will commit crimes no matter from what background they may come from.  People need to choose to make the right choices.

The Resurrection {By M. S. Lowndes}

The Resurrection {By M. S. Lowndes}


We hold so close to our hearts
The cross where Jesus died
But so much more than the blood-stained cross
Is that Jesus came back to life

The stone’s been rolled away
The tomb lay open and bare
They looked for Him, and then the angel said
That He is no longer here

Oh what joy they must have felt
To see Him just once more
To eat with Him, to drink with Him
To receive Him back as Lord

So much did He accomplish
Through His death upon the cross
And in His rising from the dead
He reconciled us back to God

Nothing else could bridge the gap
That sin had wrenched apart
Now we can freely go to God
And receive Christ in our hearts

© By M.S.Lowndes

Good Friday

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, a day we celebrate in remembrance of Christ dying on the cross to wipe away our sins and give us the hope of everlasting life.  As a young child growing up in the Catholic Church I had heard the Crucifixion story over and over again but I never really got the full understanding, or maybe I never paid much attention until I was about ten or eleven years old and read about it in St. Matthew.

Back then I was a very ardent reader and one Saturday not being able to find a book I had not already read, I picked up the bible and began reading St Matthew.  I read about Mary becoming pregnant with the young child, the birth of Jesus and how he grew up in Nazareth.  What I found fascinating was when Jesus began teaching and healing.  He was healing the sick, making the blind see, the deaf  hear and the lame walk.  I thought this is really a good person, He is doing all these great things!

When Jesus began to speaking of His death, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to betray Him or kill such a good person.  I remember the part where He went into the Garden Of Gethsemane to pray and the disciples kept falling asleep and I kept thinking, He is always there for them and now when He needs them, they can’t stay awake.

I remember how Judas betrayed Him and how Peter denied Him three times,  just as He had predicted.  When they brought Him before Pilate, he could find nothing wrong with Him and I thought, surely they wouldn’t put an innocent man to die?  By now I was so caught up in the story that everything seemed real.  I t was as if it was happening right there  and then and I was witnessing everything.  It seemed as if I had gone back in time and these thing were happening right in front of my eyes.

When Pilate asked the people if they would have him release to them Barnabas or Jesus, they shouted for him to release Barnabas.  I felt so disappointed, I was so sure they would have chosen Jesus, but no, they wanted Him to be crucified.  It was then that I began pleading with God.  I remember saying ”You really not going to let them kill Him?”  I said “Look what He did for these people and now they want to kill Him.  You going to let Him die for these people?  They don’t deserve it!   I smile sometimes when I remember that.  Little did I realize back then that He was dying for my sins too!

By this time I was literally crying as I read how they mocked Him, spat on Him, struck Him on the head and when He asked for water, they gave Him vinegar to drink.  I thought these people are so wicked, couldn’t they just give Him some water?  When He gave up the ghost, I felt sad to know that He was dead.

Then I read about Mary going to the tomb and finding it empty.  When He appeared to His disciples I realized that He was no longer dead.  He had risen!  I found myself laughing and crying at the same time and I recall saying ” Wretch them, the think them was going to kill Him and Him was going to stay dead!”   I had this experience many years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday!

Here is a poem about the crucifixion.  I am not quite sure who this poem but I hope you enjoy it.

He Was Crucified

I remember the day he was crucified
The cross stood bold on the hillside.
The nails stood out, and on the cross there He was.
The crowd gathered around as I watched Him.
His eyes were red and blood shot, His body was limp.
The high pitched screams were like tormented demons they deafened our ears.
They stunned us as He suffers.
The people scourged Him; they cursed Him they spat on Him; they teased Him.
The even filled His mouth with vinegar.
I watched death fall upon Him.
The shadow came closer, and then
The spasm of pain tormented His soul.
And then………… He was silent.
I still remember Him, but what can I do?
When He is now dead after He was crucified