Beautiful Black Woman

Beautiful Black Woman


They told her she couldn’t do it,
but she proved them all wrong,
Poor, bare foot country girl,
wanting to be doctor?
‘Must be crazy,’ they told her.
But she knew she was sane,
A doctor she wanted to be,
and for that goal she did aim.
They looked in awe and wonder,
said she made them proud.
And yet they didn’t think her good enough,
for they told her she couldn’t have him,
Asked if she had lost her mind,
doctor or not he wouldn’t marry her,
Her family was too poor,
and she was just too black.
She pitied their ignorance,
Felt ashamed for their own lack
of self-esteem.
She knew what she wanted,
She knew together they would make
a good team.
So she married him,
And stupid people that they were,
They wondered did he really love her,
or did she cast a spell?
Still enslaved by mental slavery,
they find it hard to understand,
It is not the color of your skin,
or the family you are from,
which defines you as a man or a woman.


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