For The Love Of Money

For The Love Of Money

She plays the dutiful wife,
she pretends that everything is all right,
But alone in her bed at night,
she wonders who she is fooling.
He doesn’t love her,
He doesn’t really care.
The big house, the expensive car,
the money in the bank,
Does nothing to ease her loneliness,
or to make up for the fact,
She has lost him to someone else
and she cannot win him back.

She cries herself to sleep at night,
And wonder what she is doing wrong,
why she lies alone each night,
while another woman has her man.
Sometime she wants to leave him,
but it is really hard to do,
She has become too accustomed to living,
this life of luxury.
It would be easy to leave him,
but not the money, the big house or the car,
So she suffers silently
and tells herself,
You just can’t have it all!


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