The Day The Rains Came And The Rivers Partied

The Day The Rains Came And The Rivers Partied

The heavens opened  up and the rain
poured down,
At first in soft showers
which steadily grew stronger,
Until the only sound was
the steady incessant drumming
on the roofs and the rattling
of the window panes.
The thunder roared encouragement,
and the lightning flashed in glee,
As the rivers shouted
“Come on guys, let’s have a party”.

The rain poured down
And the rivers rushed forward
Frothing and rumbling,
As they greeted each other.
The lands started grumbling,
But decided to give way,
For the water was taking over
And they just couldn’t stay,
The trees and shrubs
Reluctantly joined in,
The houses looked at each other
The question in their eyes,
And the waters gurgled,
“Come on in guys, cant you see
We’re having a great time? ”

The rain poured down,
And the rivers partied,
And many a reluctant one was
Forced to join in,
For the water moved everything,
That stood in its way,
And anything it didn’t want to,
Just couldn’t stay.

But when the party was over
No one was laughing,
For when the water receded,
The people were left to do,
the cleaning,
And for many, the water destroyed
The place the once called home,
Making everything empty and cold.

The sun did its best,
To bring out a smile,
As it looked down,
Steadfastly and said,
“Cheer up my dears, I am here
And I am your friend”
The sun did its best,
The waters dried up,
But for a while yet I know,
Everyone will remember the day
The rains came,
And the rivers partied!


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